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Localise. Globalise. Grow.

Are you looking to break into new markets? Would you like your content to speak to customers in different parts of the world? Do you want a trustworthy company that will consistently deliver high-quality, accurate product time and time again?


If your answer is yes, then Cosmic Global is who you are looking for. Concentrate on your core competencies, let us take care of all your specialist jobs. With us in your corner, we will make a formidable team, fully equipped to take on fresh challenges.


We are more than the sum of our competencies. We are more than translators. We process accounts, accurately and precisely. We localise your content so it speaks directly to your customer. We take learning out of the classrooms and into your customer's domain. We help you develop content – be it voice-overs, subtitles, transcriptions, software – that is linguistically and culturally sound.


Let us help you go global by going local !

translation Translation Services

Language has the ability to help you do all this and more. When the world is your audience, when you aim to get your message across borders, you need the help of a global team. A team spread all over the world, over a thousand strong, teeming with experts in the spoken and written word in over ...


localazation Localisation

Language and culture are undeniably intertwined. In order to break into new markets, intrinsic knowledge of the local language, customs and traditions is a must. When a body of content is taken from one language and is localised into another, many new parameters come ...


ESEngineering Services

The Engineering Services department is the backbone of our operations at Cosmic Global. This is where the magic happens, where our customers' wishes are made into reality. The technical wizards that form this team are skilled in reading between the lines to grasp what the client wants...


PP Content Services

'Content is King' – or so said Bill Gates almost two decades back. The depth of the truth in that statement may have varied from the time it was first uttered but it is undeniable that quality content is the first step towards customer engagement. And we, at Cosmic Global, understand that and are fully ...


About Us

With more than a decade year in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Cosmic Global stands at that sweet spot, where we know just what our clients want and exactly how to deliver it.

We consistently put our clients' expectations at the top of our list; meeting and exceeding them are our priority. Our primary focus is building a deep and lasting relationships with our customers and we do this by ensuring that Cosmic Global functions more as an extension of their business, not an external concern.

Our time-tested methodologies are built in order to be scalable, cost-effective and of optimal delivery of products. We are experienced in conceptualising technology and putting them into practice, concisely and precisely. We do so by the different arms of the greater Cosmic Global team working in smooth harmony. 'Team' is our favourite four-letter word at Cosmic Global and our teams of freelance translators, client services, marketing, sales, technical, quality control, support services and project co-ordination, work in tandem to meet our clients' requirements and deliver superior quality products every single time.

We have years worth of experience dealing with a changing and a challenging global business environment. Speak with us today to put that experience to good use, for you !


Featured Services

Localisation Testing

Content localisation forms a huge chunk of the work carried out by Cosmic Global and each and every product we localise has to be tested vigorously before it can be released to the client.

Multimedia Integration

At Cosmic Global, a great deal of audio, video and animated content have to be localised and the Engineering Services team plays a crucial role in the production and integration

Content Integration

Does this piece of text make structural sense? Does it fit into the available space in its new language or should the kerning be altered to fit? Is the image suitable to the target

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