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Digital Learning

Training is an integral part of an organization which strengthens employees existing skills, acquire new ones and helps to boost individual and organizational performance.

We deliver customized learning solutions that meet your organization’s specific training requirements. We deliver a sound instructional design that is visually appealing and address diverse training needs, learners and devices.

From Product Training, Compliance Training, Technical Skills Training, Soft Skills Training, Process Training, Safety Training, and Orientation to Onboarding Training, our optimized professional content solutions help translate your materials into highly effective visual learning content. Our courses are compliant with SCORM, 508c, and Tin CAN, and goes with any popular Learning Management System (LMS) available in the industry.

Custom e-learning Development:

Our expert Instructional and Visual designers prudently understand your content in any form of material such as Word, PDF, PPT, Video, etc., and turn them into engaging courses using sound instructional design & effective multimedia. Infographics, animation, and interactivities are used to make them more interesting to stimulate learners’ ability to recall, retain and reinforce content.

Rapid e-learning Authoring:

RAPID e-Learning authoring services enable you to get course development services fast and quickly. Our expertise in authoring applications such as Articulate Storyline 360, Captivate, Lectora, Evolve, Adapt, etc., allows us to effectively increase the learning speed and ease learners into new concepts and keep businesses competitive.

Legacy courses conversion to HTML5:

With the world moving fast towards digital change and adapting to digital technology, we offer a cost-effective and quick conversion service for your eLearning content. We do it by migrating your pre-existing courses existing in the legacy formats that are incompatible with all modern browsers to HTML5 format that effectively runs on all mobile devices, tablets, and Desktops/Laptops. Rest assured your content is accessible across all browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Explainer Videos:

Cosmic creates engaging explainer videos that build your brand, product, and service. We engage and captivate your audience or customers with our professional touch by active storytelling, repurposing and customizing the content, and improving learning outcomes with good visual communication.

Our videos are easily incorporated into your campaigns to improve your marketing results compelling your audience to take action. We have profound expertise in creating contemporary, business-friendly, and Whiteboard animation videos.

Translation & Localisation

We build connectivity for delivering your message to your customers around the world in their native language, from their perspective.

No matter what type of content you have at hand, be it technical, brand marketing, or specific to a region, our expert team works on its transformation through its efficient transcreation, translation and localization services.

Translating a work represents being finely tuned to the local cultural norms and traditions - adapting the content to reflect the tone of the target language. The final product reads smoothly and fluently, and our experts will ensure that!

We are proud to offer these services in almost 100 languages. This vast list is made of all major and several minor languages of Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

From Azeri to Vietnamese, Sanskrit to Swahili, if you are looking for someone to translate your document without causing it to lose its depth and flavor, then Cosmic Global is the one! Our vast team of native language speakers, with great command of the language, ensures that our content never loses the depth and verve of the original.

DTP Services

Yielding content in a new language comes with its own unique set of amendments. One of them is layout changes. What works well, say in English, might not be in other languages. At the very minimum, the script calls for a change in the typeset and alignment.

Be it newsletters, brochures, magazines, or books, we help you produce high-quality content in the language and medium of your choice. To know more about our work, the file formats, and the packages we work with, feel free to get in touch with us today.


All languages are different and unique. The differences in each of them are never more apparent with voiceovers and subtitling.

When you mix two media – vocal and text – as you do when providing sub-titles, you need to be extra careful. A delicate and nuanced approach is necessary for a seamless final product.

The translation team at Cosmic Global understands both spoken and written forms of languages and is eminently suited to handling the rigors of mixed media work such as subtitling and voice-overs. Our team of multimedia experts handles a smooth merge of the different media and produces a superlative product that is truly world-class.


Delivering voice-over services requires good voice artists who can make the content come to life. At Cosmic Global, our voice-over talents not only deliver the written words but also the connotations and the emotions attached to them. We deliver perfect voice overs that meet your requirements.

Exceeding 20 + years of expertise in the field of voice-over services, our experts provide an unmatched level of performance.

We deliver voice over in almost all languages and engage the right talent from our pool of experts in this field, as the content requires, to offer the selective and extensive voice casting.

Our voice actors ensure to maintain the ideal pitch, rhythm and tone. We deliver audio files that are thoroughly tested for voice and quality recordings. We use state-of-the-art technology in delivering voice over services. Our team delivers voice-over files in any format as per requirement. Our excellent multi-language dubbing services are produced at competitive rates.

Account Processing

Our expert accountants and experienced account managers enable to efficiently carry out your standard day-to-day tasks of book keeping to payroll processing, managing tax returns or preparing final accounts.

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