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E-classrooms are excellent for bringing down overhead and operational costs, and delivering courses through web-centric methodologies. At Cosmic Global, we bring together this confluence of latest technology and educational practices in ways to make your learning experiences truly world class.

Localising the content for eLearning courses is approached in a systematic way, with special attention paid to the terminology. Also of vital importance are compatibility of the content, the technical nature of it and the style of presentation. The final, localised content looks no different in quality and calibre to that of its original language retaining the fundamentals of being engaging and interactive.

We localise all e-Learning, CBT or WBT content such as subtitles, text and video narrative, image descriptions, UI commands and menu items, set up information and instructions, help info, error messages and detailed documentation.

E-Learning Localisation implementation

Adapting an E-learning course to another language is not as straightforward as product localisation. We understand the essence of cultural nuances, local flavour for words, practices, preferred local “look-and-feel” and many other adaptations for the geographic region in which the E-learning course is getting localised. We practice a balanced approach - while we do try to capture the local flavour, we aim to maintain a neural method. We determine what to be localised what need not. In general we diligently localise all references of currency, date format, units of measurements, number representation etc.

Our work is carried out in specific phases. It begins with Content localisation, where localisation of the instructions and text begins. We break down the content into its smallest part and determine the content elements and locale element. While storyboarding the localised content, our seasoned linguists adopt the cultural relevance of language, instructions to be considered while creating visual elements will be documented for the next phase. Generating of audio narration script succeeds the content localisation where the relevant audio narration is extracted per source content and approved for correctness.

Then a complete review of the localised storyboard and audio script is performed to ensure the localised content, audio and the localised eLearning elements harmonise with the objective of the eLearning course. The content is finalized with audio script is recorded by native voice over artist.

Media development phase follows suit with our graphic wizards, reviewing the existing graphic elements against the localisation requirements. As per the recommendations of the localised storyboards and edicts, visual components are either tweaked or integrated with textual or pictorial features paying special attention to the local sensibilities.

Development and integration phase is where the platform for development is determined and the localised content, audio narration and digital media elements are blended and assimilated into a truly engaging E-learning course that is smoothly flowing in both the language and culture of the target audience.

This is not the end of the process. At the final,Implementation Test phase,the final, pre-production output is tested. The product is put through a whole gamut of tests and unless it passes it from the several perspectives – Technical Correctness (content, linguistic), Usability (user acceptance, functional) and Integration (structural, compliant to industry) – it is not deemed fit.



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