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“Putting something in writing”, especially in business circles, means that a deal has been made. You have given your word. Boom.

When you need to have something in writing, especially when the original material was a text message, a video file, a telephone call or even an international conference call, you need the help of transcribers. And when you need skilled transcribers, you come to Cosmic Global.

We have more than 10 years experience in the business and it shows in the quality of our final product. We are highly sought-after in the transcription outsourcing industry and our clients come back to us time and again, because of our high quality products, our efficiency and how cost effective we are. We save our clients valuable time and money, whilst providing them with an edge over their competitors, time after time.

We offer flexible and customised transcription solutionss to suit our clients' needs. Our skilled transcriptionists are many steps beyond your basic secretarial staff. They have good command of grammar in their specialist language, punctuational skills, are well-versed in both conversational and formal patterns of speech, have excellent research and computing skills and, crucially, listening skills.

We will handle all manner of transcribing, right from comprehensive and continuous transcription workflow, dictation, tracking, report delivery to even archiving and billing. Our transcription staff are equipped to handle the following specialities:

Medical transcriptions

Transcribing medical documents such as patient history and physical examinations data, hospital admission summaries, medical reports, office visit reports, diagnostic studies, consultations, referrals, discharge summaries and expiration reports.

Legal transcriptions

Courtroom procedures, testimonies, pleadings, interrogations and administrative hearings. Once our specially trained staff transcribe these documents, our lawyers proofread the transcripts to make sure the resultant document is error-free and professional, every single time.

Business transcriptions

Transcribing business related recordings such as meetings, interviews, teleconferences, seminars, talks and lectures.

Audio and Media

Transcribing from all manner of audio recordings such as cassette tape recordings, MP3s, WAP, radio programmes and television talk shows. Whether for archiving purposes, record keeping or for research, we can produce accurate, error-free transcripts in the span of a single day.



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