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Local website, local content, global growth

We specialise in adapting web content – text, graphics, other functional content – into the local language, keeping in mind the local culture of the target market. By providing our clients with a culturally attuned website, we make it possible for them to reach their target customer base without any barriers, language or cultural, standing in the way.

Each website, each market comes with its own unique set of requirements. No two projects are the same and we come up with a solution unique to you and your product. Our team will work with you in planning, strategising and creating a website that meets your needs and specifications.

At Cosmic Global, we handle A to Z of web localisation, starting with the translation of the text material of the website, to sourcing and utilising locally appropriate graphic elements and to every other small requirement in between. We take care of the smallest detail, right from the dialog boxes, to the error messages, menu options to sourcing sensitive images, we make the websites globally accessible. We will carry out functional checks constantly, to ensure an error-free product and provide you with constant technical support and backup.



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