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'Content is King' – or so said Bill Gates almost two decades back. The depth of the truth in that statement may have varied from the time it was first uttered but it is undeniable that quality content is the first step towards customer engagement. And we, at Cosmic Global, understand that and are fully committed in providing our clients with sparkling content to help their product shine in the International marketplace.

After winning the trust of our customers with translation and localisation needs for more than a decade and a half, Cosmic Global has set up a brand new Content Services wing, filled with instructional designers and content development professionals. Our skilled writers have years of experience in formulating content to suit the needs of our clients, be it for Online Learning, Instructor-Led Training or Blended Training.

The Content team at Cosmic Global is fully capable of helping with various needs of our clients such as documentation, E-learning authoring, content editing, content conversion and audio voice-over narration.

Our team of creative writers can also produce sticky content tailored for the Web, be it blog posts, Google ads, website content or feature articles.


Documentation is generally the last step in any project completion cycle. It is a vital step but one that is rarely embraced with a great deal of enthusiasm. It is imperative that the content provided is engaging and interesting.

Our technical writers are eminently capable of creating manuals for technical products, process documents, training manuals and compliance documents. What's more, they weave elements of storytelling and substantiate with relevant images and figures, in order to create engaging content.

E-learning Authoring

The number 1 requirement of an e-learning course content is that it must be engaging. If a course isn't engaging, it isn't memorable. And a course that isn't memorable is, well, dead. Formulating a vastly interesting e-learning course takes more than just great software. You need the team of Cosmic Global.

We know how to create course content that stick. We know how to author course content that is clear, concise and precise. We know how to keep our content in easily digestible chunks that don't overwhelm the audience. We have plenty more tricks up our sleeve. Why don't you get in touch with us?

Content Editing Services

Editing content is a highly-developed skill. A content should speak in the voice of its writer and the editor needs to walk a fine line, trimming the content without taking away its essence. Too much editing and the content loses its identity; too little and the content lacks form.

A good web editor is one capable of planning, writing, editing and publishing web content.

Our pool of editors have years of experience in providing original content and editing it to suit the requirements of our clients. Our content editing team also works with related content providers such as copywriters, photographers, graphic designers and marketing executives to produce superior quality content.

Content Conversion

In a digital world, your content needs to be available in different formats in order to be relevant. Enter Cosmic Global's Content Conversion Team.

We consume enormous quantities of information at a fast clip; the demand for more and more content is a ever-increasing one. This is where we come in. Adept at converting content from one form to another, be it in books, images, audio or video content, we are your first port of call when your requirement is content conversion.

Audio Voice Over Narration

Our vast pool of native-language speakers ensure that the audio content we produce is always on point, when it comes to enunciation, diction and pronunciation. We provide voice-over content for e-learning materials, corporate presentations, websites, multimedia and other traditional media.

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