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Language and culture are undeniably intertwined. In order to break into new markets, intrinsic knowledge of the local language, customs and traditions is a must. When a body of content is taken from one language and is localised into another, many new parameters come into play.

Is it the right terminology? Do the images have a certain meaning in other cultures? Are the icons used appropriate for the target market? Is our concept culturally sensitive? Is it linguistically relevant? What about the colours used – do they have any adverse meaning in the native culture?

If you are looking for an experienced provider of localisation services, one that can help you deliver content that is locally and culturally on point, make it possible for you to break into new markets, then Cosmic Global is the provider for you. Countries from around the world employ our services because they know that when it comes to helping their business grow, there's none more invested than us.

Our team of over a 1000 experts, well-versed in over a 100 native languages and customs, means we can take care of any and all kinds of localisation projects. Be it basic translation or e-learning, movie subtitling or complex tech data translation, website localisation or voice-over projects, you name it, we will get the job done for you. Accuracy and efficiency are our watchwords and we pride ourselves on delivering the product within the stipulated time.

We provide our services for clients from various industries – IT, automotive, e-learning, life sciences, entertainment, military, telecom, aerospace, power and utilities. We give special attention to the local terminology, cultural aspects, compatibility, technique and style so that the end-product is as seamless and cohesive as an originally produced content.

Our localisation services can be broadly classified into four– e-learning localisation services, web services and software services. In each case, Cosmic Global will take away the language barriers and ensure better understanding of cultural differences.


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Contact us via email info@cosmicgloballimited.comtoday to see how we can help you with your localisation needs.

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