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Language has the ability to help you do all this and more. When the world is your audience, when you aim to get your message across borders, you need the help of a global team. A team spread all over the world, over a thousand strong, teeming with experts in the spoken and written word in over 100 languages. A team that delivers perfection, on time, every time.

Translating a body of work means occupying a tricky space as it goes beyond knowing how to say a word in different languages. Translating a body of work from one language to another means going beyond finding the suitable words. Translating a work means being finely tuned to the local cultural norms and traditions. It means adapting the source documents' content to reflect the tone of the target language. It means producing well nuanced content keeps its heart intact.

Our experts will ensure that the final product is one that reads smoothly and fluently in its translated language, just as well as it did in the original one, if not better!

We are proud to offer these services in almost 100 languages. This vast list is made of all major and a number of minor languages of Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Our expertise includes areas such as

Our team comprises of highly skilled language experts, who have excellent spoken and written skills in the languages of their specialisation. They will make sure that the final product is virtually flawless, grammatically, linguistically and culturally.

The localized content we produce will read as well as any work produced in the native (target) language. Our superior and thorough checks mean that there will be none of the clunky, cluttered sentences and other niggles that plague translated works; furthermore, the presentation and layout of the content produced will match that of the original.

Confidentiality is a byword at CGL and our clients can be assured that all the jobs we carryout for them will be done so without any leaks of confidential data.

We will make it possible for our clients' money to stretch further, thanks to our strategically placed geographic location. Do have a chat with us to learn about the cost benefits that CGL offers.

Guaranteed rapid turnaround and on-time delivery. Every single time! Get in touch with us via email to know more.

Languages and Dialect Experience

From Azeri to Vietnamese, Sanskrit to Swahili, if you are looking for someone to translate your document without causing it to lose its depth and flavour, then Cosmic Global is the right choice for you.

ur vast team of native language speakers ensure that our content never loses the depth and verve of the original. Thanks to their command of the language, the content they produce will be sound in quality and resonate with the feel of an originally-produced content in that language.

Do get in touch with us via email at

Dialect Finesse

The difference between language and dialect may just be a matter of linguistic differences. But, it is an important one, nonetheless, as dialects have their own vocabulary, grammar structure and of course, pronunciation. All of which are extremely important when localisation comes into play. The translators of Cosmic Global not only have a good ear for languages and dialects but can distinguish different dialects based on the regions they are specific to. Such as Parisienne French vs Champagne French, Belgian French vs Canadian French, for example. An extremely vital trait in a translator, you would agree !

DTP Service

Producing content in a new language comes with its own unique set of amendments. One of them is changes in layout. What works well, say in English, and might not in Tamil or Hindi. At the very minimum, the script calls for a change in the typeset and alignment. Some languages, like Arabic, are read from right to left, while Chinese is written vertically, from top to bottom. Eastern European languages use the Cyrillic script, while Hindi and Sanskrit follow Devanagari, both as different from the Germanic alphabets of English, German and French.


All of which mean various typesetting adjustments. Doing translations in various global languages means an intricate knowledge of the language and design and our team is well-versed in both. Our experts are proficient in all aspects of desktop publishing including typesetting, layout design, display etc and will produce content that is professional and beautiful.


The highly adept DTP team is skilled in latest DTP related software applications that are prevalent in the industry. Considering the vast changes in the technology for the past decade, our team kept itself up with the pace of changes be it technical, business or economy. We managed design and delivery of our services seamlessly meeting clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently.

Be it newsletters, brochures, magazines or books, we helped clients produce high-quality content in the language and medium of their choice. To know more about our work, the file formats and packages we work with, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our team of experts are waiting to work with you !


Not all languages are made the same. The differences in each of them is never more apparent than while doing voice overs and subtitling. Cast your mind back to the last foreign language movie you watched – did the delivery seem rushed, as if the artists were tripping over words to keep up with the visual relay? Or was it a smoothly done process, which made it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the story unfold?

When you mix two media – vocal and text – as you do when providing sub-titles, you need be extra careful. A delicate and nuanced approach is necessary to ensure the finished product is a seamless one. Timing is crucial, as a split-second difference in the delivery of the text content might change if the visuals have moved on – or vice versa.

The translation team at Cosmic Global understands both spoken and written forms of languages and is eminently suited to handling the rigours of mixed media work such as subtitling and voice-overs. Our team of multimedia experts will handle a smooth merge of the different media and produce a superlative product that is truly world-class.


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